What are combination brows?

The Combo brow is type of permanent makeup (PMU) that is becoming increasingly popular. Combination brows refer to a duo of two techniques – hairstroke, applied by machine or through microblading, and Ombre. Both of the techniques are highly effective. Hairstroke brows recreate the natural appearance of brows and redefine their shape. The powder or Ombre effect is applied to the body of the eyebrow and gives the brows solid fullness as if makeup were being worn.

We offer this service at Basia Brow & Beauty, but it is also a popular option worldwide, including in the United States and United Kingdom with pioneers like DC Micro taking the technique to new levels.

Combo brows are suitable for individuals who have moderate to normal oily skin. Therefore, if you have skin too oily for microblading, you can have the permanent makeup (PMU) combo brows as an effective alternate. For people who have thin brows, the shading or brow powder technique can give the eyebrows a sound volume and enhanced body, while the hair strokes give the eyebrows a more natural look. Of course, we need to fully assess your requirements and ensure there are no contraindications before proceeding with your treatment.

The process of permanent combo brows requires two to three appointments to get the final desired results. The final appointment is to perfect your final look, taking place about 6 to 8 weeks after your first session as the pigments take time to settle into the skin. The touch-up provides our clients with the required or needed adjustments in order to make sure that every hairstroke matches the natural color, style and position of the hair.

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