What is Permanent Makeup?

Flawless brows? Check. Rosy lips? Check. Perfectly winged eyeliner? Check. These are a few of the things permanent makeup offers. If you’re looking for a way to get ready in the mornings with minimal effort, look no further. This concept has been around for a while now offering individuals a fast and easy morning routine.Continue reading “What is Permanent Makeup?”

Symptoms of Hair Loss: Is There a Solution?

Hair loss can be one of the most challenging symptoms to deal with, and unfortunately, it is a widespread occurrence. Hair loss is almost inevitable in some cases, but it can be slowed down with specific treatments or measures. By knowing about the underlying reasons for hair loss, you’ll better understand how to prevent suchContinue reading “Symptoms of Hair Loss: Is There a Solution?”

Lost Your Eyebrows Due to Alopecia? Here’s The Solution

Alopecia causes sudden hair loss, and although it can affect every part of the body, in cases such as alopecia areata, people experience patchy hair loss within their scalp, which is non-scarring and often reversible. Symptoms of Alopecia include patchy areas of overall thinning, bald patches that look round or oval, and hair that startsContinue reading “Lost Your Eyebrows Due to Alopecia? Here’s The Solution”

Choosing The Best Eyebrow Shape for You

Good eyebrows change the look of your facial features and help to make them stand out. But are you aware of which brow shape is best for you?  Over the years, many people have been known to overpluck their brows, but times have changed. Many people do not seem to know where the brows start,Continue reading “Choosing The Best Eyebrow Shape for You”

Can You Get Permanent Makeup During Pregnancy or Nursing?

Being pregnant or being a new mother, especially one who is nursing, is exhausting! Permanent makeup seems like the perfect option for pregnant or nursing mothers as not having to apply makeup or having your makeup stay intact during labor is the dream. So can you get permanent makeup during pregnancy or nursing? The definitiveContinue reading “Can You Get Permanent Makeup During Pregnancy or Nursing?”

What are combination brows?

The Combo brow is type of permanent makeup (PMU) that is becoming increasingly popular. Combination brows refer to a duo of two techniques – hairstroke, applied by machine or through microblading, and Ombre. Both of the techniques are highly effective. Hairstroke brows recreate the natural appearance of brows and redefine their shape. The powder orContinue reading “What are combination brows?”

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