Lost Your Eyebrows Due to Alopecia? Here’s The Solution

Alopecia causes sudden hair loss, and although it can affect every part of the body, in cases such as alopecia areata, people experience patchy hair loss within their scalp, which is non-scarring and often reversible. Symptoms of Alopecia include patchy areas of overall thinning, bald patches that look round or oval, and hair that starts growing again months after it first fell out (although this is not always the case). In addition, frontal fibrosing Alopecia (FFA) occurs in women after entering menopause and can cause fine eyebrow hair to fall out before or along with scalp hair loss. The critical point here is that there isn’t one type of Alopecia – it is actually a class of disorders involving hair follicles that are attacked by the immune system causing sudden and unexpected hair loss. There is no cure for Alopecia or a good enough medical understanding of why it happens.

Eyebrows can change not only the look of your face but also the way you present yourself to the world. No eyebrows can mean that you may be unwell or upset and can even ruin your ability to express yourself when speaking and communicating with others. Many women find it challenging to maintain the shape and color of their brows through makeup, or men may struggle to do them in a specific way, for instance, when applying them. Removing them before going to bed after a long day at work is also draining; this is where microblading comes in!

Microblading is a cosmetic treatment where a handheld tool with a sterile blade is used to make strokes in the brow area. These are then filled in with pigment that is precisely matched to your skin tone and hair color, creating the appearance of natural-looking individual eyebrow hairs! Many people get microbladed brows because they want their brows to look more prominent and defined than they currently do while still creating a natural effect.

Microblading has the power to transform the lives of people who suffer from Alopecia. Rather than feeling self-conscious and powerless due to being impossibly browless like so many alopecia sufferers, they are able to express themselves through having microbladed eyebrows – because it makes them feel as if they finally have their eyebrows back! This unique technique is perfect for those who want their full brows back.

Another alternative method to microblading for Alopecia is powder or ombré brows. This technique imitates the look of conventional makeup by creating a powdered brow look and is ideal if you have a little or a lot of hair. Those with no eyebrow hair may find that this technique is slightly 2-dimensional for them. Combination brows are the most popular technique of microblading for alopecia sufferers. This technique involves using powder and microblading techniques to create a more 3-dimensional look to the eyebrow.

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