Symptoms of Hair Loss: Is There a Solution?

Hair loss can be one of the most challenging symptoms to deal with, and unfortunately, it is a widespread occurrence. Hair loss is almost inevitable in some cases, but it can be slowed down with specific treatments or measures. By knowing about the underlying reasons for hair loss, you’ll better understand how to prevent such trauma, but if not, there is a solution.


The first sign of hair loss is – falling hair; you should look out for this as a warning symptom because it gives way to other diseases like baldness, which is nothing but the permanent loss of hair on the scalp. Thick follicles will stand the risk of hair falling more than the thin ones.

You should check your scalp and see if it is visible between your hair right out of the shower. If your hair has thinned, you will undoubtedly be able to tell! What else? Check your pillowcase to see if it contains a lot of broken hairs – this is because they are losing traction with their follicles causing them to snap off under the weight of the strands that extend outwards. Even more tell-tale signs, however, include sunburn on the head as well as flaking around the hairline; neither would make it difficult to notice that something is amiss!


Some people observe a small bald spot on the head and tend to let it go; the spot eventually grows in size, following which a lot of the hair fall out, leaving only the sideburns and some hair at the back.

If a bald spot occurs on your head, try to revive the skin and hair follicles by combing the area and massaging it softly. It might resurrect dead hair follicles; otherwise, the process of hair fall will at least slow down. Did you know that biotin is also an enzyme necessary for cell growth? This product speeds up the multiplication of cells through the body, including scalp and nails! You can take biotin supplements to help bring in healthier hair for you.

Receding Hairline

Another prominent symptom of hair loss is a receding hairline. Many people see their hairline recede from the sides and then from the middle. This process takes some time, and the only hope is to keep its pace as slow as possible by taking care of the hair to prevent further damage and using a shampoo that does not have strong chemicals.

Widening Part

If you part your hair with a comb and look carefully, it will be visibly widening with time. Now, this doesn’t happen nearly as fast as when you’re losing your hair, but eventually, the parting can grow up to several inches wider than what its original state was before you started getting bald. It’s a good idea not to let that happen because it will only lead to having an unflattering appearance on top of being embarrassing in front of other people. To avoid this from happening and ending up having a shiny bald head, you have the option of switching your brush so that it does less damage to the hair follicles and helps stimulate growth strong enough for a healthy head of hair where each strand lies in its place.

The Solution

There are many options for hair loss, such as hats and hairpieces to disguise hair loss and hair transplants if you want a more permanent fix. Or there is the world’s leading hair loss solution. Scalp micropigmentation offers a non-invasive solution to regaining your confidence. Find out more here at Evoke Hair Clinic.

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