Choosing The Best Eyebrow Shape for You

Good eyebrows change the look of your facial features and help to make them stand out. But are you aware of which brow shape is best for you? 

Over the years, many people have been known to overpluck their brows, but times have changed. Many people do not seem to know where the brows start, arch, and end.

Brow artists use mapping to ensure the angles of the brows are even and in proportion with the rest of the face. When the artist maps the brows, they check for evenness, proportion, hair density, and growth pattern. The artist will see areas that need to be regrown for future brow shaping.

How To Map Brows

First, the inner corner of the eyebrows should line up with your nasal bridge. You can measure this by using any straight item or string. Mark your finding using an eyebrow pencil to make dots and the same with the rest of the brow.

Then the peak of your arch should line up with the side of your nose and through your pupil.

Finally, the outer edge of your nose, alongside the eye, is just below where the brow tail should end. At this point, if you connect all the dots, you have your eyebrow map.

Each brow map is personal to every individual. It is always best to stay as close to the natural brow shape as possible; this will ensure as natural results as possible with whatever treatment. 

What are the Benefits of Brow Mapping?

  • Brow mapping helps artists to achieve the perfect brow symmetry.
  • It improves the ability to sculpt your personal desired brow shape.
  • Brow mapping also helps ensure the client and the artist are on the same page before any treatments are done.

How To Choose Your Brow Shape

Choosing your brow shape is not an easy decision to make as there are numerous shapes. Here are a few:

  • If you have a round-shaped face, the length and width of your face are roughly the same. The brows should have high enough arches to add length and structure to a round face. This will help to make the rounded face look narrower.
  • When you have a long-shaped face (the length of the face is double the width), your brows need to have a low-lying arch. A low-lying arch should be straight and elongated to break up the long face shape and add width.
  • Having a square-shaped face means the length and width of the face are the same; the jawline is more angled. You can lift the eyebrows with softer arches when your face is this shape and give the brows an undefined finish. Avoid sharp and angled eyebrows to help take away from your square-shaped face.
  • If you have a rectangular-shaped face, it will be similar to a long face and double the width in length. Unlike the long face, rectangle faces have a more defined jawline. Eyebrows on a rectangle face should be fuller. Non-structured brow shapes help reduce the forehead size giving the brow soft, slightly curved arches that will soften the jawline.
  • Triangular-shaped faces have a wider jawline than the forehead. Eyebrows on a triangular-shaped face should have low and curved arches. Do not have the tail of the brows angling downwards.
  • When you have a heart-shaped face, the forehead is wider than the jaw, and the chin is pointed. Having thicker brows will balance out the facial features of a heart-shaped face. The brows should have soft round arches and be straight.
  • Diamond-shaped faces have a small forehead, and the chin is pointed. The cheekbones are wide. If you have this shaped face, then rounded brows will soften the facial structure. The eyebrows should not have an over-defined finish as this well look way too harsh for a diamond face.
  • Finally, an oval-shaped face is fairly symmetrical. The brows should have a slight arch and will start and end on the same level. Natural and soft angled brows are best here.

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