Can You Get Permanent Makeup During Pregnancy or Nursing?

Being pregnant or being a new mother, especially one who is nursing, is exhausting! Permanent makeup seems like the perfect option for pregnant or nursing mothers as not having to apply makeup or having your makeup stay intact during labor is the dream. So can you get permanent makeup during pregnancy or nursing?

The definitive answer is no, here is why.

Due to the lack of research, there is a high possibility of a negative effect on the mother or baby. We are not sure exactly what the risks are, but we know where the possibility of risks could occur.

Permanent makeup may not look the way the client or artist would want it to, during pregnancy the facial tissue can be stretched due to swelling of fluid retention. Permanent makeup has the potential to change in shape once the baby has been born. Also, permanent makeup is a form of tattooing and involves violating the skin. Pigment is deposited into the papillary layer or the skin. And although it is cosmetic tattooing and is a safe procedure, little to no research has been conducted on how it can or will affect you or your baby during pregnancy or nursing.

Pregnant women are increasingly more sensitive. Permanent makeup is an uncomfortable procedure and although it is not unbearable, we do not know how a pregnant woman’s pain tolerance would handle it. Pain for a pregnant woman can lead to causing stress for the baby, bleeding or sometimes even premature labor. Likewise, when a woman is pregnant, she is more prone to fainting, this would not be good if it happened during a procedure.

The numbing cream used for cosmetic tattooing is an anesthetic, the anesthesia can affect prenatal development as the cream soaks into the skin, this means it can get to the blood stream which could theoretically then reach the baby causing unknown problems. Pigment can additionally reach the baby through the bloodstream and can further get to the breast milk for nursing mothers. Pregnant mothers are also likely to experience allergies to the pigment because of the hormonal changes in their body.

Finally, like anything that penetrates the skin there is always risk of infection, if a pregnant mother gets an infection, then it is possible for the baby to get a secondary infection which can have severe side effects.

No permanent makeup artist should ever agree to perform permanent makeup treatment when a client is pregnant or nursing. If it is something you are really wanting then try get it before you conceive or wait until after you have finished nursing your baby. All contraindications should be covered in your training, as expressed by Diana at Modern Beauty, all specific situations in which a drug, procedure, or surgery should not be used because it may be harmful to the person.

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